Van-About-Town Web Series Coming Soon!

As with EVERY year, August is a light month in the catering and events world.  New Yorkers mistake themselves for Europeans and all go on "holiday".  I decided this would be a perfect time to work on a project I've been talking about forever.  I'm currently shooting a fun web series that is full of cooking and entertaining tips, but you'll also get to see me doing regular $h!t in and around NYC.  Watch me struggle to lose these last few lbs (my baby is 13 months!), explore new ways to stay fabulous on a budget, and meet some of my favorite people.  It all builds up to what is bound to be a weekend of surprises when I head to Las Vegas for one of my bestie's wedding! 

Sneak peak pic:  This is my answer to the oh-so-popular "avocado toast".  Unfortunately, I'm allergic to avocado.  This is sweet pea puree with fresh herbs on baguette toast topped with smoked salmon, a fried egg and creme fraiche.  Yep!  That's the kinda stuff we're serving up!

Coming soon!  Fall 2015